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       Tanae Levitan has been changing the way people see and do business for sometime now. With her background in finance she would analayze companies from a holistic approach, providing a full scale plan to take them to the top of their industry. She states anything great has a solid foundation it was built on. She saw that individuals and their companies may be succeeding in some parts but struggling in others. Tanae wanted to ensure everyone had the proper foundation to prosper on.


Her Story

Tanae Levitan had a very challenging upbringing, one she attributes to her success today. Tanae says nothing great comes without an obstacle or a challenge, or something that will prepare us in totality (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) for the gifts we will receive. Tanae had to find her footing in the world to be able to make some of the smaller steps to success; high school graduation, college graduation. Also, having to navigate young adulthood without any parental guidance. These things did not define her and she doesn’t  want it to do define you.

Experiences & Work History

Tanae began working in the social work and non profit world and she used this with her education to learn the ins and outs of  business, while serving the community. Tanae  would never do anything that she was not passionate about or her heart was in but she felt like something was missing and she felt restricted with the amount of help she was able to truly able to provide. So she did some soul searching, dug deep, did some  research and was provided with what  the  answer. Tanae  had previously went to school for finance and accounting , and although in many roles she wasn’t directly hired to handled this area she always found herself some how taking over theses roles. She dominated in this area, teaching the owners of their own companies how to build a profitable business on sustainable  foundation. She did this in various ways, by gathering data and research and showing how it speak for itself, showing them how their business should be properly set from a financial aspect, and  by ensuring a proper and proprietary plan  in place that is specific to that business  and that business alone. 


    Tanae has built her own company that is for the people. The amount of financial information that is out there is limited. Tanae is setting the standard for showing people, business and entrepreneurs the building blocks of business, even more so she showing  them how to set the standard by a financial plan in place. Tanae has put together a variety of items ensure to covers the variety of needs; equity over equality.

What We Do

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide people and companies with the tools and know how to build their successful foundation.  Then to take it  a step further to have a financial strategy to build up success in their endeavors. 


Levitan Enterprise goal is to ensure everyone has access to the lifestyle they would like to lead. That the legacy they build now lasts for centuries to come. Your goal is not only our vision and mission but we put that into actionable plan.  


"Working with Levitan Enterprise helped my company get our books organized and put in practices that just was not there before. Tanae truly cares about her clients."

Richard, Cranes Services

"Levitan Enterprise was an unexpected experience. They find the core of your problems and puts you through the appropriate program for you and your business."

Jessica, Angel Hospice

"Tanae gears you for real world work. She is on top of it when it comes to building the financial plan that brings you a financial peace of mind. "

Nancy, College Student

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