Levitan Financial Success

Levitan Financial Success is a hub for all your personal and  business financial needs. This company was designed so you could focus on your business with the ease of knowing your financials are in order.


Levi Up Business Evolution

Levi Up Business Evolution is dedicated to ensure the proper foundation of a business. Aiding entrepreneurs in a realistic and proper set up in their company. Facilitating the growth of existing  business with proper planning and analyst of their business.  


Storm - She Who Is

Storm- She Who is , is one of Levitan Enterprise most profound companies. Owner and founder Tanae created this invasive training system to ensure your training, seminars and events is not only the best but most educationally effective around. Storn She Who is was created to not only educate but motivate. She is versatile in her methods to bring even the most divided teams back together.


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